eSIM Recharged! GUOXIN MICRO and UNICOM VSENS Signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement

Published:2019-4-25 11:00

On April 24, at the 2019 China Unicom Partnership Conference, Unigroup Guoxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “GUOXIN MICRO”) and Unicom VSENS Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Unicom VSENS”) signed a strategic partnership agreement that the two will carry out in-depth cooperation on the eSIM business, to jointly promote the development of the industry.


According to the agreement, the two parties will establish a long-term strategic partnership on the basis of mutual interests, to integrate the resources of both parties, jointly explore a new eSIM partnership model, strengthen product cooperation, identify new cooperation channels, and jointly launch smart life solutions such as “terminal + business + application”. The purpose is to jointly provide customers with better product experience and services, and to achieve a win-win situation.


As a core Unigroup subsidiary of “chip/new cloud strategy”, GUOXIN MICRO focuses on integrated circuit chip design and development, and holds a leading position in the smart security chip market, as well as in the security of IoT, payment, IoV and storage. The products have been widely used home and abroad, to ensure the security of information and connections.


Unicom UNICOM VSENS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Unicom and a support center for China Unicom's terminals and channels. In the 5G era of IoT, China Unicom will join hands with all parties along the industry chain to accelerate the establishment and improvement of a cooperative innovation system that promotes the development of 5G, and build a thriving new industry ecosystem. It will gather partners from fields including chips, modules, terminals, system integration, technical cooperation and various software and hardware to join in the 5G construction.


Previously GUOXIN MICRO and China Unicom already achieved fruitful cooperations in various fields such as mobile payment, mobile SIMs, and eSIM industry. The Unigroup chip is the first chip made in China that was recognized as having the card issuing capability of China Unicom eSIM. The two parties have a deep foundation for cooperation and have strong technical strengths and network resources in their respective fields. Through the signing of this agreement, both parties will continue to integrate their respective advantages, further deepen the cooperation in the eSIM field, enhance business development capability and increase market share, to achieve a win-win and further promote the innovative development of China's information industry.


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